Admeira privacy policy

Published: 27.03.2023

Dear Customer,

These data protection regulations give you an overview of what personal data Admeira AG (hereinafter either ‘Admeira’ or ‘we’) and companies affiliated with Ringier (hereinafter the ‘Ringier Group’) collect about you, how this personal data is processed and with whom it may be shared, if necessary, when you interact with us or we interact with you (e.g. if you use our websites). They also detail the rights you have under applicable data protection law and how you may exercise them.

Please re-read these data protection regulations at regular intervals to ensure that you always remain up to date about what happens to your personal data and how you can exercise your rights.

Some interesting facts about us:

1. Who is Admeira AG?

We are legally obliged to inform you about who is responsible under data protection law for the processing of personal data described in these data protection regulations. The controller, for the purposes of data protection law, is deemed to be the person who determines whether, for what purpose and how personal data is processed. With respect to the processing of personal data in accordance with these data protection regulations, as a rule this is Admeira AG, Giacomettistrasse 1, 3000 Bern 16, Switzerland.

Admeira is a leading marketing company for TV advertising in Switzerland. As the exclusive partner of SRG SSR and other private media companies such as the TF1 Group and SWISS1, as well as several advertising pools, we represent strong brands in the TV sector. Our portfolio comprises a wide range of advertising environments on regional, national and international television channels. These premium products provide the Swiss advertising industry with maximum reach, high-quality contacts and excellent sales prospects.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we set the standard in our core fields: consulting, planning, management and research. We are committed to efficient, effective and customer-oriented solutions that ensure successful campaigns for our clients. With sites in every part of the country, our services are available to national and international advertisers, agencies and other providers of advertising inventory.
You can find out more about Admeira here:

2. Who is Ringier and who is part of the Ringier Group?

Ringier is an independent Swiss family business that was founded in 1833. Today, Ringier is a diversified media company with around 6,400 employees across 19 countries. Throughout its more than 180-year history, Ringier has always stood for innovation, individuality and independence, as well as freedom of expression and diversity of information. You can find out more about Ringier here:

The Ringier Group includes companies in Switzerland that are affiliated with Ringier. For example: Admeira, DeinDeal AG, Swissprinters AG, JobCloud AG, Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG and many more. If you would like to find out more about the companies affiliated with Ringier and also about other Ringier subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Africa, please click here:

3. What does the Ringier Group do?

Ringier now manages leading brands in print, TV, radio, online and mobile media and runs successful print, entertainment and internet businesses. Publications produced within the Ringier Group include Blick, Sonntagsblick, Schweizer Illustrierte, Schweizer Landliebe, Handelszeitung, Beobachter, etc. To see the full portfolio, please click here:

4. In principle, what data do Ringier and the affiliated companies in the Ringier Group process?

Basically, two categories of data are processed when you contact us: firstly, personal data, and secondly, non-personal data.

4.1 What is personal data and what does ‘process’ mean?

Personal data is any information that relates to you and tells us something about you. This includes, for example, your name, postal address, email address, date of birth, phone number and similar details.

Information that cannot be directly linked to you personally or to your identity does not relate to you as a person and is therefore classed as non-personal data.

Processing means all handling of your personal data. This includes, among other things, collection, anonymisation, storage, management, use, transmission, disclosure or erasure.

4.2 How and on what legal basis do we process your personal data?

The trust that you place in us to protect your personal data and thereby your privacy is important to us. We therefore want to you to know the following:

We comply with the principles imposed on us by Swiss data protection legislation and – where and as far as applicable – that of the European Union. This means that we must be transparent with you about which personal data we process and for what purpose. We only collect your personal data lawfully and process it – in cases where we need to – if we have a legal basis permitting us to process it. A legal basis may be a contract, your consent, a legal provision or a public interest that allows us to process it or a legitimate interest on our part.

In these data protection regulations, we inform you about the purpose for which we collect your personal data. If we no longer need your personal data and are also no longer legally obliged to retain it, it is erased (for more information, see section 5.3).

In section 6 below, you can find out more about the rights you have in relation to your personal data and how you can exercise them.

4.3 What personal data is processed at Ringier and Admeira?

In principle, we process the following categories of personal data: last name, first name, IP address, email address, telephone number, business postal address.

4.4 For what purpose do we process your personal data?

We generally collect your personal data whenever you interact with us or we interact with you. This is the case if you:

  • visit our websites. Personal data is then processed via log files, cookies, analytical tools, contact forms and plugins for social media and other providers.
  • use our toolbox accounts. Personal data is then processed in order to create and operate your toolbox account.
  • subscribe to our newsletter. Personal data is then processed on the basis of your consent when you subscribe to the newsletter.
  • use our contact forms. Personal data is then processed via contact forms in connection with suggestions and questions relating to our content.
  • use our mediaport accounts. Personal data is then used in order to create and operate your mediaport account.
  • use our publiplan account. Personal data is then processed for ad bookings and use of web services.
  • take part in our events. Personal data is then processed for invitations, tickets and surveys, if applicable.
  • apply for a position with us. Your data is then processed. Further information (in German) can be found at:

4.5 On what legal basis does Admeira process personal data?

When you plan your next campaign with our toolbox account, we will process your personal data in order to initiate or execute a contract.
If you use your mediaport account to send us your advertisement, we will process your personal data to allow delivery of the advertisement as quickly as possible and handle any queries.

Insofar as we obtain your consent to process personal data, this serves as the legal basis; for example, with newsletters.
We will also process your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest; this includes processing in order to provide and optimise the website and its content.

Where we process personal data in order to comply with a legal obligation, this serves as the legal basis; for example, with the transfer of personal data to third parties, or storage or retention periods.


5.1 Is personal data shared with third parties?

As a rule, we will only share your personal data with third parties if you have given your consent or if we have a legitimate interest in doing so.
Additionally, data can be transmitted to third parties if we are obliged to do so by statutory provisions or an enforceable official or court order.
Your personal data may also be disclosed to third parties outside the Ringier Group that perform technical or organisational services on behalf of Ringier or to one of the companies in the Ringier Group that we require for the above-mentioned purposes or general business activities. This could be a hosting partner, a printer or a delivery organisation, for example. These service providers are mainly located in Switzerland and in the European Union. However, they may be located in any country in the world. We contractually oblige these service providers to process your personal data exclusively on our behalf and in accordance with our specifications, and to ensure the protection of your personal data by means of appropriate security measures of a technical or organisational nature.

5.2 Is your personal data sent to other countries too?

As explained under section 5.1, we also disclose information to third parties who are not always located in Switzerland. Your data may therefore be processed both in Europe, and in exceptional cases, in any country in the world. This may also be the case if the recipient is located in Switzerland, but data is routed via other countries due to an exchange on the internet.

If a recipient, such as one of our service providers, is located in a country without appropriate statutory data protection, we contractually oblige that recipient to comply with data protection. For that purpose, we use the revised standard contractual clauses from the European Commission, which are available here, where such a recipient is not already subject to a legally recognised set of rules for ensuring data protection and we cannot rely on an exception clause. An exception can apply especially in the case of legal proceedings in other countries, but also in cases of overriding public interests or if contract processing requires such a disclosure, if you have consented, or if the data in question has been made generally accessible by you, and you have not objected to its processing. The contractual measures can partially compensate for weaker statutory protection or its absence. However, not all risks can be eliminated (e.g. government access in another country).

5.3 For how long do we process your personal data?

We process and store your personal data for as long as our processing purposes, the statutory retention periods, and our legitimate interests require or storage occurs due to technical reasons. We may have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data, for example, if we require it as evidence in order to be able to enforce or defend claims (e.g. in a legal dispute) or if we retain your personal data for archival purposes or to ensure IT security. Retention can be due to technical reasons if certain personal data cannot be separated from other data and we therefore have to retain it with that other data (e.g. in the case of back-ups).

Generally, the following retention periods apply in our business, although we may deviate from these in individual cases:

Employee data:

  • Contract data is generally retained for 10 years from the last contractual activity or the end of the contract.
  • Master data, e.g. personnel file and certificate data, is retained for 10 years from the employee’s departure.
  • Access data and system user data are erased immediately after the employee’s departure or after the period due to technical reasons.
  • As a rule, applicant data is erased four months after the end of the application process, if we do not have consent to keep the relevant application pending.

Customer data:

  • Contract and master data of customers is generally retained for 10 years from the last contract activity or the end of the contract, as required by law.  
  • Event participant/competition data is generally retained for three months.

Business partner data:

  • Contract and master data is generally retained for 10 years from the last contractual activity or the end of the contract, as required by law.  
  • Creditor data is retained for 10 years from collection of the personal data.

If no legal or contractual duties preclude this, we erase or anonymise your personal data after the expiration of the storage or processing period as part of our usual processes.

6. What are your rights in relation to your personal data?

The applicable data protection law grants you the right, under certain circumstances, to object to the processing of your data, especially when performed for purposes related to direct marketing, profiling carried out for direct marketing and other legitimate interests in processing.

Depending on the applicable data protection law, you also have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

  • the right to request information from us about whether and what personal data of yours we process
  • the right for us to rectify personal data if it is inaccurate
  • the right for us to restrict the processing of personal data
  • the right to demand the erasure of personal data
  • the right to request us to surrender certain personal data in a commonly used electronic format or its transmission to another controller
  • the right to withdraw consent to the extent that our processing is based on your consent
  • the right to receive, on request, further information that is required for the exercise of these rights.

If you wish to exercise your rights towards us in relation to your personal data, please write to the following address: Admeira AG, Giacomettistrasse 1, 3000 Bern 16, Switzerland. You can also contact us by email ( To prevent abuse, we must be able to identify you. Please enclose a copy of your identity card.

Please note that conditions, exceptions or restrictions apply to these rights under the applicable data protection law (e.g. to protect third parties or trade secrets). In particular, it may be necessary in some cases to process your personal data in order to fulfil a contract with you, safeguard our own legitimate interests (e.g. when asserting, exercising and defending legal claims or complying with statutory obligations). To the extent legally permissible, in particular to protect the rights and freedoms of other persons affected and to safeguard legitimate interests, we may therefore refuse the requests of affected persons completely or in part (e.g. by redacting certain contents that affect third parties or our trade secrets). We will inform you about conditions, exceptions and restrictions in individual cases.

If you do not agree with how we handle your personal data or your rights in this respect, please inform us of this. You also have the right to complain to the regulatory body of the country in which you reside or work, or the location where the suspected breach of data protection law took place. You can contact the Swiss regulatory body here: A list of the bodies in the European Economic Area is available here:

7. How you can protect your children

Together, we need to ensure that the next generations become responsible digital citizens.

As children are less aware of the risks and consequences involved with the processing of their personal data and also may not understand their rights in this regard, special protection should be provided when it comes to their personal data. Of course, this particularly applies to the use of that personal data for advertising purposes. You will therefore find appropriate age limits and information about the age of consent in all our terms and conditions of participation.

You will find information and tips for the use of media here (in German, French and Italian):

8. Data security

Ringier and Admeira operate secure data networks that meet the relevant technical standards. Appropriate technical and organisational precautions are taken to protect your data against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorised access.
Although Ringier and Admeira take all necessary steps to prevent the data from being disclosed through data transfer errors and/or unauthorised access by third parties, they cannot accept any liability for such unwanted incidents.

9. Who can you contact?

There are various ways that to contact us:

If you have a question relating to data protection, you can send an email to Of course, you are also welcome to write to us at: Admeira AG, Giacomettistrasse 1, 3000 Bern 16, Switzerland.

10. Legal basis

When processing your personal data, we not only take the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection and its Ordinance into consideration, but also – if and insofar as it is applicable – the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

11. Amendments and consent to these data protection regulations

Ringier modifies these data protection regulations as appropriate according to new or changing requirements. The latest version will be made available in an appropriate place.

The current data protection regulations published by us on this website apply.