TV2 - The current TV program

TV2 - The current TV program

 The 14-day Swiss TV magazine offers a compact overview of around 50 channels, sorted by topic. It also presents detailed programme information for the Swiss TV channels. In addition, the publication includes a large number of puzzles.


Television magazine


German-speaking part


every 2 weeks, Friday

Distributed circulation

9 395 copies
(Source: WEMF/SW 2018)

1/1 page, gross rate

4c CHF 2 500

Basic rates

Ads in programme section

In conjunction with ad campaigns


Turnover discount 2019

Turnover discounts* in CHF can be accumulated with Beobachter, Bolero, GlücksPost, L’illustré, Schweizer LandLiebe, Schweizer Illustrierte, Style, Tele, TV Star, TV2, TV4, TV8 and all their specials.

60 0002%900 00010%2 700 00018%
100 0003%1 050 00011%3 000 00019%
200 0004%1 200 00012%3 300 00020%
300 0005%1 400 00013%3 600 00021%
400 0006%1 650 00014%3 900 00022%
500 0007%1 900 00015%4 200 00023%
600 0008%2 150 00016%4 500 00024%
750 0009%2 400 00017%

*Gross according to rate less special discounts, plus additional costs (placement surcharges)

Frequency discount

Can be combined with Ads up to max. 1/4 page.

6x 2%12x 4%18x 6%24x 8%30x 10%

Agency commission AC

Agency commissions and annual sales bonuses may not be cumulated.

Ads15% of net
Specialities (inserts, bound inserts, etc.)5% of net

Yearly turnover premium YTP

Agency commissions and annual sales bonuses may not be cumulated. 

Minimum volume of 3 pages a year in one or more Ringier Axel Springer Medien Schweiz AG15% of net

Special discounts

50% (net/net) charity discount for adverts that have a charitable purpose (only for ZEWO-certified clients, not eligible for contract discounts or agency commission, no repeat discount; not cumulative with other titles).

Additional discounts

Consecutive ads: from 4 pages, 25% additional discount.

General conditionds 

The prices apply to ads with between one and four colours (flat rate) and are based on the process colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
Chromatic colours (Pantone) on request. ll prices excluding 7.7% VAT.
Different discounts apply for dynamic pricing (

Placement guarantee: 20% of gross price. Prices subject to change.
ther special formats available on request. Expenditure and frequency discounts cannot be combined. 5 mm trim for ads with bleed.
Text and images that should not be truncated must be 5 mm from the margin.
Ads that point to a collaboration or partnership with Beobachter are not permitted. (For example: an offer for Beobachter readers)

Prices of specialities 2019

Print run: 17 500 copies + 3% subsidy

WeightFixed insertBound and tipped insertsLoose Inserts
Postcard (1 sheet, unfolded)2 088--
Up to 15 g3 4745 364
16 - 25 g3 6905 616
26 g - 35 g3 1504 1945 958
36-50 g*3 1504 7886 480
Sachets / Sample bags3 348--

Formats / Weights

PlacingFixed insertFixed insert (center of the magazine)Loose InsertsLoose Inserts (Piggyback on backside stapling)*
Minimum width55 mm105 mm / 115 mm105 mm148 mm
Minimum hight80 mm148 mm148 mm148 mm
Maximum width180 mm210 mm195 mm210 mm
Maximum hight210 mm282 mm262 mm282 mm
*Other formats on demand
In conjunction with ad campaigns-10 mm-
Head trim-5 mm-
Maximum foot trim-23 mm-
Maximum face trim-4 mm-
Max. tolerance+/- 10 mm/ axial 5°--

Advertising cover sheets

Cost per 1,000 copies: CHF 245 incl. postage and technical costs
Format: 210 x 282 mm (magazine format)
The cover sheet layout should be sent to the publisher for approval at least 5 weeks before publication date.


Split placingThe publisher reserves the right to change the date of publication. Only possible for loose inserts.
Split surcharge10%
Minimum order1/1-page for fixed inserts
External advertisementsUp to 3 pages per ad invoiced at 10% of gross page price (excluding existing agreements and without AC/ATP II) 4 or more third-party ads on request. A sample must be provided to the publisher for every third-party ad.
SampleThe final approval of every job depends on the due submission of a binding sample. The sample must be approved by the publisher.
Delivery10 days before on-sale date to: Swissprinters AG, departement ZSW, Rampe 1–3, Brühlstrasse 5, 4800 Zofingen

2019 Schedule

IssuePublication dateAdvertising deadline

Published: every 2 weeks
First day of sale: Friday
Delivery of data: 10 working days before publication

Technical data

Print material
ColoursIn order to guarantee the best possible reproduction of the advertisement, the printer must receive a binding Qualiproof in accordance with the ISO Coated standard by the specified deadline. A Fogra media wedge must be present on the proof. If no colour proof is available as a reference, your order will be printed in line with our PSO standard
Print processOffset
UCR300% (sum of C+M+Y+K)
ICC profileISO Coated_V2_eci
Data preparation
DocumentsPDF/X-3. Other documents on request
ImagesResolution: Bitmap 845 dpi, greyscale and colour 300 dpi. Format: PDF, Tiff. EPS or JPEG, no RGB, DCS or OPI images
Colour compositionAll advertisements (i.e. digital data, proofs) must be created using the Euroscale colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).
Panorama pagesFor 2/1 pages with overflowing text, take the gutter allowance into account or consult Admeira.
Data transfer
FTPOn request
Postal addressAdmeira AG, Classifieds & Prepress, Flurstrasse 55, 8021 Zu¨rich
Technical data
Magazine format210 x 282 mm
Bleed advertisements+5 mm trim on all sides. Text and image elements which may not be trimmed must be 5 mm away from the booklet edge.