TV2 - The current TV program

TV2 - The current TV program

 The 14-day Swiss TV magazine offers a compact overview of around 50 channels, sorted by topic. It also presents detailed programme information for the Swiss TV channels. In addition, the publication includes a large number of puzzles.


Television magazine


German-speaking part


every 2 weeks, Friday

Distributed circulation

8 796 copies
(Source: WEMF 2019)

1/1 page, gross rate

4c CHF 2 500

Basic rates

Ads in programme section - daily Highlights

In conjunction with ad campaigns


Turnover discount 2020

Turnover discounts* in CHF can be accumulated with Beobachter, Bolero, GlücksPost, L’illustré, Schweizer LandLiebe, Schweizer Illustrierte, Style, Tele, TV Star, TV2, TV4, TV8 and all their specials.

60 0002%900 00010%2 700 00018%
100 0003%1 050 00011%3 000 00019%
200 0004%1 200 00012%3 300 00020%
300 0005%1 400 00013%3 600 00021%
400 0006%1 650 00014%3 900 00022%
500 0007%1 900 00015%4 200 00023%
600 0008%2 150 00016%4 500 00024%
750 0009%2 400 00017%

*Gross according to rate less special discounts, plus additional costs (placement surcharges)

Dynamic Pricing

Die folgenden Abschlussrabatt-Staffel gilt für alle Kunden, die Dynamic Pricing nutzen.

Umsatz Brutto
(nach dynamischem Rabatt)
100 0002%
200 0003%
400 0005%
500 0006%
750 0007%
1 000 0008%
1 250 0009%
1 500 00010%
1 750 00011%
2 000 00012%
2 500 00013%
3 000 00014%
3 500 00015%

Spielregeln Dynamic Pricing

  • Buchungen müssen für den gesamten Zeitraum einer Abschlussvereinbarung dynamisch erfolgen; Ein mehrfacher Wechsel zwischen Dynamic und Classic Pricing ist nicht möglich.
  • Alle Buchungen müssen über den webbasierten Marketplace von Admeira erfolgen.
  • Zu Unrecht gewährte Rabatte, beispielweise durch Stornos, werden nachträglich verrechnet.
  • Es gelten weiterhin die Bestimmungen des Anzeigentarifs sowie die Allegmeinen Insertionsbedingungen unter

Frequency discount

Can be combined with Ads up to max. 1/4 page.

6x 2%12x 4%18x 6%24x 8%30x 10%

Agency commission AC

Agency commissions and annual sales bonuses may not be cumulated.

Ads15% of net
Specialities (inserts, bound inserts, etc.)5% of net

Yearly turnover premium YTP

Agency commissions and annual sales bonuses may not be cumulated. 

Minimum volume of 3 pages a year in one or more Ringier Axel Springer Medien Schweiz AG15% of net

Special discounts

50% (net/net) charity discount for adverts that have a charitable purpose (only for ZEWO-certified clients, not eligible for contract discounts or agency commission, no repeat discount; not cumulative with other titles).

Additional discounts

Consecutive ads: from 4 pages, 25% additional discount.

Prices of specialities 2020

Print run: 12 000 copies + 3% subsidy

WeightFixed insertBound and tipped insertsBound insert1 Loose Inserts
Postcard3(one page unfolded) 1 392--
Up to 20 g1 6202 232
Up to 15 g2 3163 576
16 - 25 g 2 4603 744
26 - 35 g 2 7963 972
36 - 50 g3 1924 320

Formats / Weights

PlacingFixed insertFixed insert (center of the magazine)Loose InsertsLoose Inserts (Piggyback on backside stapling)*
Minimum width55 mm105 mm / 115 mm105 mm148 mm
Minimum hight80 mm148 mm148 mm148 mm
Maximum width180 mm210 mm195 mm210 mm
Maximum hight210 mm282 mm262 mm282 mm
*Other formats on demand
In conjunction with ad campaigns-10 mm-
Head trim-5 mm-
Maximum foot trim-23 mm-
Maximum face trim-4 mm-
Max. tolerance+/- 10 mm/ axial 5°--

Advertising cover sheets

Cost per 1,000 copies: CHF 245 incl. postage and technical costs
Format: 210 x 282 mm (magazine format)
The cover sheet layout should be sent to the publisher for approval at least 5 weeks before publication date.


Split placingThe publisher reserves the right to change the date of publication. Only possible for loose inserts.
Split surchargeCHF 3'000.00
Minimum order1/1-page for fixed inserts
External advertisementsUp to 3 pages per ad invoiced at 10% of gross page price (excluding existing agreements and without AC/ATP II) 4 or more third-party ads on request. A sample must be provided to the publisher for every third-party ad.
SampleThe final approval of every job depends on the due submission of a binding sample. The sample must be approved by the publisher.
Delivery10 days before on-sale date to: Swissprinters AG, departement ZSW, Rampe 1–3, Brühlstrasse 5, 4800 Zofingen

2020 Schedule

IssuePublication dateAdvertising deadline

Published: every 2 weeks
First day of sale: Friday
Delivery of data: 10 working days before publication

Technical data

Print material
ColoursIn order to guarantee the best possible reproduction of the advertisement, the printer must receive a binding Qualiproof in accordance with the ISO Coated standard by the specified deadline. A Fogra media wedge must be present on the proof. If no colour proof is available as a reference, your order will be printed in line with our PSO standard
Print processOffset
UCR300% (sum of C+M+Y+K)
ICC profileISO Coated_V2_300_eci
Data preparation
DatenformatDie Anlieferung als PDF-Datei gilt als Standard und ist der Lieferung anderer Dateiformate vorzuziehen.
DocumentsPDF/X-3. Other documents on request
ImagesResolution: Bitmap 845 dpi, greyscale and colour 300 dpi. Format: PDF, Tiff. EPS or JPEG, no RGB, DCS or OPI images
Colour compositionAll advertisements (i.e. digital data, proofs) must be created using the Euroscale colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).
Panorama pagesFor 2/1 pages with overflowing text, take the gutter allowance into account or consult Admeira.
Data transfer
Postal addressAdmeira AG, Classifieds & Prepress, Flurstrasse 55, 8021 Zurich
Technical data
Magazine format210 x 282 mm
Bleed advertisements+5 mm trim on all sides. Text and image elements which may not be trimmed must be 5 mm away from the booklet edge.