homes - The lifestyle and real-estate magazine by BILANZ

homes - The lifestyle and real-estate magazine by BILANZ

With delightful reports, fantastic pictures and valuable tips, homes is designed as an enjoyable read, as well as providing added benefi t. With interviews, an expert forum and company portraits, homes takes a close-up look at the players in the property and residential sector. The Design News and Style News sections devote plenty of space to innovations and trends among producers and manufacturers. With more than 50 pages of properties on offer, the magazine presents dream homes in every issue – with links for interested readers to follow. 



Real Estate Magazine


two times per year


German-speaking part

Distributed circulation

79 223 copies
(Source: WEMF/SW 2018)


240 000 readers
German-speaking part
(Source: MACH Basic 2019-1)


5.0% of German-speaking group
(Source: MACH Basic 2019-1)


4c gross rate CHF 71

1/1 page, gross rate

4c CHF 16 985

Presentation of real estate

To record real estate presentations, please use our Word templates. You can then forward the completed word file and images to your Admeira customer advisor. Below you will find the instructions and the templates for downloading:

Instructions: Entering real estate presentations, template 1: 3 images right, template 2: 3 images left, template 3: 2 images horizontaltemplate 4: 3 images, horizontal and square

Presentation of real estate

- Not eligible for agency commission or annual turnover bonus.
- The discount rate is based on the guaranteed amount of insertions per calendar year.
- Your objects will also be placed online at


We offer architectural offices the opportunity to present their ongoing projects in an attractive way. Win over potential customers and show your company in the best light.

- Not eligible for acquisition and agency commission/ARB.
- The discount level is granted on the basis of the guaranteed reserved volume of advertisements per calendar year.

Property/Image ads

Basic rates

- Advertising rates effective 01.01.2019, rates are subject to change, all rates in CHF gross plus 7.7% VAT.
- Prices valid for 1- to 4-colour advertisements (standard price) based on the Euroscale colours cyan, yellow, magenta and black.
- For bleed-off, trim +3 mm applies on all 4 edges. Keep all non-bleed elements at least 10 mm from edges to allow for trim.

Cover pages


Turnover discounts 2019

Turnover discounts* in CHF can be accumulated with Bilanz, Homes, Guides, Handelszeitung, Le Temps, PME Magazine, Schweizer Versicherung and all their specials.

40 0003%400 0009%1 000 00015%
80 0004%500 00010%1 100 00016%
120 0005%600 00011%1 200 00017%
180 0006%700 00012%1 300 00018%
240 0007%800 00013%1 400 00020%
300 0008%900 00014%1 500 00021%

Transactions in francs for Bilanz and Bilanz homes (accumulated).

Different discounts apply for dynamic pricing (

Agency commission AC

For authorised media and avertising agencies15% of net
Specialities5% of net

Yearly turnover premium YTP

Yearly turnover premium YTP15% from CHF 60 000 gross

2019 Schedule

IssueSupplement inPublication dateAdvertising deadline

Published: 2x per year
First day of sale: varies, depending on carrier title
Delivery of data: 15 working days before publication

Technical data

Print material
ColoursIn order to guarantee the best possible reproduction of the advertisement, the printer must receive a binding Qualiproof in accordance with the ISO Coated standard by the specified deadline. A Fogra media wedge must be present on the proof. If no colour proof is available as a reference, your order will be printed in line with our PSO standard
Print processOffset
UCR300% (sum of C+M+Y+K)
ICC profileISO Coated_V2_eci
Data preparation
DocumentsPDF/X-3. Other documents on request
ImagesResolution: Bitmap 845 dpi, greyscale and colour 300 dpi. Format: PDF, Tiff. EPS or JPEG, no RGB, DCS or OPI images
Colour compositionAll advertisements (i.e. digital data, proofs) must be created using the Euroscale colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).
Panorama pagesFor 2/1 pages with overflowing text, take the gutter allowance into account or consult Admeira.
Data transfer
FTPOn request
Postal addressAdmeira AG, Classifieds & Prepress, Flurstrasse 55, 8021 Zu¨rich
Technical data
Magazine format210 x 282 mm
Bleed advertisements+5 mm trim on all sides. Text and image elements which may not be trimmed must be 5 mm away from the booklet edge.

Total240 0005%100% 100
Men164 0006.8%68.4% 137
Women76 0003.1%31.6% 63
14 - 19 years7 0001.9%2.9% 39
20 - 29 years28 0003.9%11.8% 79
30 - 39 years33 0004.2%13.8% 84
40 - 49 years44 0005.2%18.3% 105
50 - 59 years54 0006.4%22.5% 130
60++ years74 0005.7%30.7% 115
Household income in CHF
Up to 3 99922 0003%9.3% 61
4 000 - 7 99971 0003.7%29.6% 74
8 000 ++146 0006.8%61.1% 137
Residential area
Urban / agglomeration202 0005.3%84.4% 107
Country38 0003.6%15.8% 73
Full-time133 0006.5%55.7% 132
Part-time38 0003.4%15.9% 68
Education / apprenticeship7 0002.3%2.8% 46
Non-working61 0004.5%25.6% 90
Primary/middle school 23 0002.8%9.5% 56
Vocational school102 0004.1%42.4% 84
High school, university115 0007.4%48.1% 150
Strong / moderate interests
Stock exchange, investments, financial markets138 00014.2%57.7% 288
Computer und Informatik109 0007.2%45.6% 144
Science and technology201 00010.2%83.9% 206
Cars and motorcycles70 0006.8%29.1% 137
Education, training147 0006.6%61.5% 134

Source: MACH Basic 2019-1 / Basis: German-speaking group, 4 838 000 people