Beobachter - Knowing what's important

Beobachter - Knowing what's important

Beobachter is the leading Swiss popular magazine. It is an institution and unique in the media landscape. Every two weeks it provides in-depth information on current topics of the times. Beobachter deals with what interests, concerns and motivates its members. It provides credible and competent guidance and help in decision-making for a self-determined life. Beobachter is an integral part of modern cosmopolitan Switzerland. It is committed to a democratic, cooperative society, a social and transparent economy and an environment that is worth living in. It has a presence in multimedia and in print, online and on radio and TV. Now with a presence on Facebook and its in-house developed iPhone and iPad app, Beobachter is now developing the very latest media. Its Advice Centre handles over 195,000 enquiries from its members every year. This specialist expertise also feeds into hands-on articles and guidebooks, 60 of which have been published by Beobachter. With its new insurance products, Beobachter Assistance and Beobachter Legal Protection, Beobachter is now successfully developing a new market. Beobachter is making its mark – with its SOS Foundation Beobachter campaigns for people in need and recognises courageous acts with its Prix Courage, the annual Beobachter prize


consumer magazine


German-speaking part


819 000 readers
German-speaking part
(Source: MACH Basic 2019-1)

1/1 page, gross rate, incl. iPad

4c CHF 23 830


every 14 days, 26x a year

Distributed circulation

254 519 copies
(Source: WEMF/SW 2018)


16.9% of German-speaking group
(Source: MACH Basic 2019-1)


4c gross rate CHF 29

Basic rates

5 mm trim for ads with bleed. Text and images that should not be truncated must be 5 mm from the margin. All prices excluding 7.7% VAT

The prices apply to ads with between one and four colours (flat rate), based on the process colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Ads that are smaller than 1/4 of a page will appear on a page of ads.

Cover pages


Preise angeliefert in CHF net/net

Advertorials are not eligible for volume discounts, agency commission or YTP.

Price of ad features created by the editorial staff on request
Notice board

CHF 23.20 per mm, minimum amount CHF 348 (excl. VAT)
Between one and four colours (flat rate), one-column, 42.5 mm wide, minimum height: 15 mm
Amount excl. VAT, eligible for discount (frequency discount).

Text ads:
Price is calculated per line
1 line contains 32 characters
Subscribers receive a 35% discount 
Amount (excluding VAT) for payment in advance

Turnover discount 2019

Turnover discounts* in CHF can be accumulated with Beobachter, Bolero, GlücksPost, L’illustré, Schweizer LandLiebe, Schweizer Illustrierte, Style, Tele, TV Star, TV2, TV4, TV8 and all their specials.

60 0002%900 00010%2 700 00018%
100 0003%1 050 00011%3 000 00019%
200 0004%1 200 00012%3 300 00020%
300 0005%1 400 00013%3 600 00021%
400 0006%1 650 00014%3 900 00022%
500 0007%1 900 00015%4 200 00023%
600 0008%2 150 00016%4 500 00024%
750 0009%2 400 0017%

*Gross according to rate less special discounts, plus additional costs (placement surcharges)

Different discounts apply for dynamic pricing (


Frequency discount

(Ads up to max. 1/4 of a page without in-text placement)


Expenditure and frequency discounts cannot be combined.

Agency commission

AC and ATP cannot be combined.


AC and ATP cannot be combined.15%
"Special advertising formats: loose inserts, bound inserts, fixed inserts, free samples, etc.5%

Yearly turnover premium

Minimum volume of 3 pages a year in one or more Ringier Axel Springer Medien Schweiz AG15%

AC and ATP cannot be combined.

General conditions

The prices apply to ads with between one and four colours (flat rate) and are based on the process colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Chromatic colours (Pantone) on request. All prices excluding 8% VAT. Placement guarantee: 20% of gross price. Prices subject to change. Other special formats available on request. Expenditure and frequency discounts cannot be combined. 5 mm trim for ads with bleed.
Text and images that should not be truncated must be 5 mm from the margin. Ads that point to a collaboration or partnership with Beobachter are not permitted. (For example: an offer for Beobachter readers)

WeightLoose InsertsBound inserts WeightFixed insert
up to 15 g77 48050 180Postkarte A630 160
16 - 25 g81 12053 30011 - 25 g35 100
26 - 35 g86 06060 58026 - 50 g45 500
36 - 50 g93 60069 160ab 51 gon demand
up to 51 gon demandon demandProduct sample/Sachet48 360

Technical conditions

Loose Inserts
Minimum format105 x 148 mm
Maximum format210 x 275 mm (only magazine format, just Piggyback is possible)
Split placingSplit run of at least 20,000 copies After WG possible. Split surcharge 10%. Publication date subject to change.
FinishingCreased, minimum 100 copies, uncrossed, unfolded within the package.
PlacementThe inserts are placed inside the Beobachter or on the back page. Loose inserts that are placed inside the magazine must not be larger than 195 x 260 mm – anything larger is included as a piggyback. The magazine is encased in polyethylene packaging for shipping.

Bound inserts
Minimum format105 x 148 mm (A6)
Maximum format210 x 275 mm (magazine format) foot/front trim: Non-bleed elements must be placed at least 8 mm from the format trim due to binding taper
Split placingSplit run not possible

Ad with tipped insert
Formate and Standon demand
Minimum order1/1 page
FinishingTrimmed to final size; errors of up to 1% of the quantity provided are within the tolerance.
Paper weightAt least 150 g/m2, maximum 300 g/m2; postcards must comply with the relevant postage regulations.

Advertising cover sheets

Costs each 1000 copies: CHF 254.– Price includes shipping and technical costs

Format: 210 x 275 mm (magazine format)

The cover sheet layout should be sent to the publisher for approval at least 5 weeks before publication date.


General conditionds

Sampel for advertising formats: loose inserts, bound inserts, fixed inserts, free samples:
Before final confirmation, five samples and one original to be checked by us. Loose inserts that create additional work due to thickness or other properties will be subject to a surcharge.

Surcharge for advertising formats: loose inserts, bound inserts, fixed inserts, free samples:
Other ads will be charged at full occupancy per subject / page with 10% on the price of an ad page. For the exclusivity rights in an issue a surcharge of 20% is charged



Loose inserts, bound inserts, etc. must be sent to the printers at the earliest 10 and at the latest 7 working days before publication.
(Swissprinters AG, Rampe 1–3, Brühlstrasse 5, 4800 Zofingen), Telephone. +41 58 787 33 60.
If loose inserts are to be issued folded, they should be compiled into packets of at least 50 to 50 pieces. All potential costs or fees are to be paid by the client.


Print run/Delivery run: 260 000 copies (+2% surcharge)
Special arrangements: We will not check delivered brochures for completeness and correctness if the loose inserts/bound inserts were not produced by our printing house.
References in loose inserts which point to a partnership or collaboration with Beobachter are not permitted. (Example: an offer for Beobachter readers.)All prices quoted are advertising rates excl. printing costs. All specialities are eligible for turnover and commission discounts; AC/ATP 5% on specialities.

IssuePublication dateAdvertising deadline

Published: every 2 weeks
First day of sale: Friday
Delivery of data: 10 working days before publication

Technical data

Print material
ColoursIn order to guarantee the best possible reproduction of the advertisement, the printer must receive a binding Qualiproof in accordance with the ISO Coated standard by the specified deadline. A Fogra media wedge must be present on the proof. If no colour proof is available as a reference, your order will be printed in line with our PSO standard
Print processOffset
UCR300% (sum of C+M+Y+K)
ICC profileISO Coated_V2_eci
Data preparation
DocumentsPDF/X-3. Other documents on request
ImagesResolution: Bitmap 845 dpi, greyscale and colour 300 dpi. Format: PDF, Tiff. EPS or JPEG, no RGB, DCS or OPI images
Colour compositionAll advertisements (i.e. digital data, proofs) must be created using the Euroscale colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).
Panorama pagesFor 2/1 pages with overflowing text, take the gutter allowance into account or consult Admeira.
Data transfer
FTPOn request
Postal addressAdmeira AG, Classifieds & Prepress, Flurstrasse 55, 8021 Zu¨rich
Technical data
Magazine format210 x 282 mm
Bleed advertisements+5 mm trim on all sides. Text and image elements which may not be trimmed must be 5 mm away from the booklet edge.

Total819 000 16.9% 100% 100
Men383 000 15.9% 46.8% 94
Women436 000 17.9% 53.2% 106
14-19 years22 000 6.3% 2.7% 37
20-29 years59 000 8.2% 7.2% 48
30-39 years 89 000 11.2% 10.8% 66
40-49 years 129 000 15.2% 15.7% 90
50-59 years 176 000 21.0% 21.5% 124
60++ years345 000 26.7% 42.0% 157
Household income in CHF
Up to 3 999134 000 18.1% 16.3% 107
4 000 - 7 999348 000 17.9% 42.5% 106
8 000 ++338 000 15.6% 41.2% 92
Residential area
Urban / agglomeration644 000 17.0% 78.6% 101
Country175 000 16.7% 21.4% 99
Full-time276 000 13.5% 33.7% 78
Part-time202 000 17.9% 24.6% 106
Education / apprenticeship22 000 7.6% 2.7% 45
Non-working319 000 23.3% 39.0% 137
Primary/middle school 133 000 16.0% 16.2% 94
Vocational school444 000 18.1% 54.2% 107
High school, university242 000 15.6% 29.6% 92
Strong / moderate interests
Konsumenteninformationen527 000 22.6% 64.4% 133
Economy376 000 19.1% 46.0% 113
National and international politics and topics647 000 18.9%79.0% 113
Health and nutrition666 000 18.4% 81.3% 108
family, children and partnership590 000 17.9% 72.1% 106

Source: MACH Basic 2019-1 / Basis: German-speaking group, 4'838'000 people

Name Topic Publication date Closing date PDF
Schulanfang Family 16.08.2019 18.07.2019
Gesundheit 4 Health 13.09.2019 15.08.2019
Bauen & Wohnen 2 Lifestyle/Architecture/Building 27.09.2019 29.08.2019
Gesundheit 5 Health 11.10.2019 12.09.2019
Freizeit, Natur Herbst / Winter Leisure 25.10.2019 26.09.2019
Vorsorge Finance/Economy 08.11.2019 10.10.2019
Weihnachten X-Mas 22.11.2019 24.10.2019
Gesundheit 6 Health 06.12.2019 07.11.2019