The French private channel TMC is the strongest private second channel in French-speaking Switzerland and is aimed at a mixed, modern and active audience aged 25-59, which also scores with a high relevance among the male audience. 

TMC’s diversely oriented generalist programme is intended to spread good humour among its viewers. The station’s flagship is «quotidien», the weekday news magazine, which is produced in-house and sets the tone with a satirical touch. TMC also brings humour into the living room with shows by French comedians, and YouTube stars who take their jokes to the TV screen for a change, and the Burger Quiz, which is as legendary as it is odd.

However, the primary pillars of the channel’s schedule are French and international series from a varied range of feature films from Germany and abroad as well as high-quality magazine formats from TF1 Group productions.

TMC is the ideal platform for addressing a broad and young-at-heart target group around quality programmes.

  • Net reach: 142'190
  • Market share: 2.6%

Source: Mediapulse TV-Data (Instar Analytics), CH-F, TMC CH, Target group 15+ incl. guests, total 2022, Mon-Sun, whole day (2-2 o'clock), all platforms, Overnight+7