SRF zwei

SRF zwei

SRF zwei is the TV station that captivates viewers. It achieves this through its national and international sporting events, new entertainment formats and a first-class international range of series and feature films.

  • Net reach: 1'131’100
  • marekt share: 9.7%

Source: Mediapulse Fernsehpanel (Instar Analytics), CH-D, 3+ incl. guests, 1-1.-31.12.2021, Mon-Sun, 24h, all platforms, overnight +7

The channel celebrates 25 years 

On 1 September 1997 at 3:45 pm, the television channel SF 2 was launched. Its schedule of programmes included sports, fiction and an extensive range of shows for young audiences, in which some of today’s established TV personalities, such as Mona Vetsch and Wasiliki Goutziomitros, made their TV debut.

In December 2012, as part of the merger between radio company Schweizer Radio DRS and television company Schweizer Fernsehen, the TV channel became SRF zwei. It has now been on air with its own schedule of programmes for 9,132 days and an estimated 150,000 hours of broadcasting. Until 2005, the station’s programming ended at midnight – after the programme preview and the national anthem, the station switched to teletext during the night.